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An online M.Div. program built around the voice of God

Online Master of Divinityou can earn your online Masters of Divinity degree from the comfort of home, at your own pace, taking practical courses that will truly revolutionize your life. The program of Christian Leadership University is unique, in that it is based on developing your ability to easily and consistently hear the voice of God. Each course is built upon this foundation, and therefore produces genuine change in your life, in addition to providing you with a quality education.


The fast track to your online M.Div.

You are much closer to your Master of Divinity degree than you may realize. Bring in up to 25% of your degree through transcripts from other colleges, and an additional 25% of your degree through a Life Experience Portfolio. Put your past studies and experiences to work and earn your Master of Divinity degree in no time!


What others are saying about CLU's online degree programs

The Doctorate at CLU was the most important education I have ever had and will ever get. I received my B.A. in education and my M.A. in counseling from The University of Phoenix. My Doctorate with CLU is the most precious part of my educational journey. Glory be to God! My Doctorate from Walden University will allow me to be a certified instructor in the State of Arizona but nothing can ever take the place of my Doctorate from CLU. I will buy your books for my clients.

Shaloma Gray


The classes have been beyond anything I had hoped for. This has been more like an adventure than school.

Vanessa Tinsley-Stone


At you will find many, many more stories of how God is using these master of divinity courses and other courses to transform the lives of people just like you all around the world. The next story could be yours!


Masters of Divinity program details

Generally, those working toward a Master of Divinity degree will select the majority of their courses from the Theology, Ministry and Biblical Studies concentrations. We believe you should follow the desires of your heart, rather than being forced to follow a pre-determined, one-size-fits-all degree program. Therefore, you are free to select the courses which interest you most, and design your own program.


Find out more about specific requirements for Masters degrees in Section II of the CLU online catalog.


Don't wait another day

Dramatically improve the quality of your life today by learning to clearly and consistently hear God speak to you as you earn your Master of Divinity online. Enroll now at


You can earn an M.Div. degree anywhere, but God wants to offer you so much more.

Earn your M.Div. degree online

Obtain an accredited Master of Divinity degree through 100% distance learning.



The fast track to your M.Div.

  • Earn 25% of your degree from life experience.
  • Bring in up to 25% of your degree through  transfers from other colleges.



CLU is #1 in lamad education

Free streaming audio 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice
4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice
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I just want to take time to thank you for your help and for the opportunity to receive the blessing that courses give. God has certainly used them in my life. I can say with confidence, that this has been a wonderful time of healing and learning. It is one of the most blessed and experiential times of study that I have ever entered into. May God continue to use you to teach and bless others, with the healing touch of Christ.
- Rev. Robert Butler

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